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This is the second half of cultural psychology. The course rounds up topics like cultural motivation, cultural competence, etc.

The goal of this seminar is to provide a selective overview of the many new trends in the study of morality in contemporary social psychology. Reading materials and discussion questions will be arranged by hot issues in debate in moral psychology, and reflect the state of the art moral psychology across the globe. Importantly, discussions on both theoretical and practical implications within the context of modern China are particularly welcome and encouraged.

This seminar introduces you to social, emotional, and personality development, a research area with important theoretical, practical, and policy applications.  The coverage is broad in scope but selective, based on ideas and issues that are currently the focus of research inquiry.  The domain of coverage is life-span, although the principal interest is with developmental processes from birth through adolescence, which is true of the field.  The findings of research and the methods of research inquiry are each part of our study this quarter.